The Standard in Wealth Administration.

  1. Provides convenience for account set up and control of information hand off.
  2. Enables preference setting for plan types (retirement and taxable) and fee schedules.
  3. Reduces errors and turnaround time.
  4. Supports online investment directives (purchase/sell/exchange).
  1. Capture Investment information and content electronically and almost in near real-time.
  2. Improve investment advisor and custodian productivity and reduces custodian work, gaining an estimated 75% in efficiency.
  3. Retain all account activities across a secure communication channel, no more searching for that email with the attachment representing the Subscription Agreement on either side: Investor or Custodian.
  4. Queue management and prioritization ensure timely processing of all transactions, reduction in aged requests and attention to high priority requests.
  1. Intelligently separates access, roles and responsibilities based on types of users (custodian, administrators, investors, customer service representatives, advisors…)
  2. Enables custodians to optimize their workforce using roles to onboard and add responsibilities to their staff members as they become more skilled.
  3. Provides increased service levels to customers by reducing processing time from weeks to hours on customer directives.
  1. Unifies critical communication to investors and among all critical stakeholders (Investment advisors, custodians, administrators, investors) for various types of transactions.
  2. Provides unique capability for investment advisors to invite selected and qualified investors to participate in selective alternative asset investments, especially those critical to time-sensitive offerings and transactions.
  3. Provides templated notifications and alerts to investors and staff within various trust organization departments. Secure messaging ensures communication remains private.
  4. Retains all communication trails for record keeping, transparency and audits.
  1. LexisNexis to supports customer verification (KYC).
  2. CRMs/ERPs for client service (Sales Force).
  3. Payment Systems such as Paypal.
  4. Electronic Signature (Docusign, Adobe signature).
  5. Trust Accounting systems (Innovest, HWA).
  6. Document management and storage (Laserfische, Docuware).
  1. All information is securely stored on the cloud beyond the 7 years’ requirement.
  2. Allows accessibility anytime from anyplace.
  3. All client information is encrypted both in-flight and in-storage. All communications are protected by HTTPS. The database has full data encryption.

The Standard in Wealth Administration

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