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Finix Solutions was founded out of frustration with the lack of systems to support investors desiring to quickly execute their investment directives from their self-directed IRAs. Existing trust accounting and CRM systems employed by fund custodians for the administration of alternative assets held in self-directed IRA accounts are cumbersome and not designed for the needs of all parties involved. The company assembled a team with deep industry expertise with the aim of providing the standard for wealth administration. Together the team represents:

  • 20+ years of experience in alternative asset transactions, administration and client service roles.
  • 25+ years of programming experience for large financial institutions and hedge funds, designing and developing highly complex automated financial systems.
  • 40+ years of product management, business development, marketing and sales experience in the technology and financial services industries.

Finix is built by individuals with direct experience using the latest and proven technologies to deliver the efficient administration of alternative assets. Other existing technology offerings were not designed with the unique requirements of alternative assets in mind.

The Finix platform is specifically designed to accomplish the following

  • Tailored made to alternative asset investing and administration where other systems are generic in design.
  • Electronic alternative asset trading with a simplified exchange process that can accommodate future trends in online alternative asset investing such as crowdfunding portals, alternative lending platforms, REIT, etc…
  • Transparency for the clients, custodians, alternative asset sponsors, advisors and auditors. The resulting benefit is productivity and the alleviation of lost paperwork and subsequent liability resulted from lost paperwork.
  • Self-service tools for investment sponsors to provide real time valuations that alleviate the manpower that comes with current accounting systems. The resulting benefit is cost savings and increased profitability for custodians through the elimination of overtime hours required for manually updating valuations.
  • Efficient valuation updates that will minimize the RMD issues, simplify 1099R and 5498 production and decrease tax reporting errors caused by not updating a value in an expeditious manner.

Finix is built specifically with alternatives in mind, using the latest cloud, and web-services technologies, unlike a general accounting system. Our team has first-hand experience regarding the issues and pain that custodians, investors, asset sponsors and advisors currently experience. The Finix Platform has been developed to accommodate any type of asset, with intelligence, ease of use, security and scalability in mind. Our APIs enable seamless data flow across different systems. As customers, you can subscribe for what you need and pay as you go, with no substantial upfront investments in systems and software. decrease tax reporting errors caused by not updating a value in an expeditious manner.

Finix is a sophisticated wealth administration platform that uses the concept of ‘asset informatics’ to deliver advanced functionality for efficient administration of alternative assets. Custodians who specialize in the custody and administration of alternative assets spend considerable resources in building enhancements to their current trust accounting systems in order to accommodate their specific administration needs. They employ large IT departments to build and maintain functionality not available from so-called “modern era technology” service providers. Finix has been designed from the ground up with keen awareness of investor and investment sponsors desire for transparency and efficiency.

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