What Is Finix?

Our platform enables everyone involved in Alternative Assets Investment and Administration.

Finix is a secure, cloud-based Wealth Administration Platform for alternative assets. Alternative assets include real estate, private equity, hedge funds, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and micro-financing – constituting over $7 Trillion in asset value and is the fastest growing investment class.

The Finix Platform provides intelligent workflow and automation for all activities surrounding alternative asset transactions, custody, administration, and reporting, significantly reducing the high costs and errors that result from existing manual processes.

Who We Partner With

Trust Custodians and Fund Administrators

Investors and
Portfolio Owners

Investment and
Wealth Advisors


What We Do

Platform Driven Solutions

  • Online access to alternative assets investment/private company securities
  • Automating the processing of alternative asset investment transactions
  • Optimizing process workflows
  • Data management and integration between disparate systems (CRM, Trust Accounting, eSignature, Payment, KYC Verification, …)
  • Intelligent, streamlined communication
  • Transparency for investors/account holders
  • Investor customer service
  • Data security, storage and retention
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
Platform Capabilities.

Finix provides a secure environment for investors, deal sponsors, investment advisors, peer-to-peer lenders, crowd funders, private equity and hedge fund managers to interact, transact, report and custody alternative assets in a near-real time mode. Investors will be able to access multiple investment assets across multiple custodian accounts if maintained on the Finix platform. Through data aggregation methods, Investment advisors and deal sponsors will be able to reach investors suitable for their asset class quickly and easily.


Finix helps trust custodians, fund administrators, crowdlending, crowdfunding and crowd equity platforms access, interact and manage over $7 trillion harboured in IRAs and private equity.

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